Warner Bros. has scrapped the “irredeemable” Batgirl movie with no plans to release it

It’s a bit strange. According to New York Post, Warner Bros. will scrap Batgirl movie with no plans to release it… either in theaters or on HBO Max.

With a budget rumored to be close to $90 million, this would be a costly loss for the studio if it turns out to be true. It appears from the report that a test screening of Batgirl was”so poorly received by moviegoers that the studio decided to cut its losses and run, for the sake of the brand’s future.“A source said that Warner Bros. mean itan indescribable Batgirl will be irredeemable.” Umberto Gonzalez from The packaging also confirmed the report, adding that despite reshoots and an increased budget, Batgirl just didn’t work compared to the other DC movies.

That Batgirl the film was originally developed for HBO Max when Toby Emmerich was in charge of the studio. The recent merger between Warner Bros. and Discovery found David Zazlav taking over, who is notorious for being a cost-saver. He shut down CNN+ less than a month after the $300 million streaming service launched, scrapping Batgirl would not necessarily be out of character. Although there had been discussions about giving Batgirl -one theatrical release at one point the project wasn’t written or produced with that in mind. David Zazlav has also committed to making sure future DC movies are big theatrical events, and it looks like Batgirl didn’t fit a DC blockbuster.

Batgirl features Leslie Grace as Barbara Gordon, JK Simmons as Commissioner James Gordon, Brendan Fraser as Firefly and Michael Keaton as Batman. Bad Boys for Life directors Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah were responsible for the film, for which Christina Hodson has written the script. Considering the talent involved, that’s a shame Batgirl the film has been scrapped and will not be released in any way, all to cut costs.

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