Bang Bang: Tim Blake Nelson to direct Vincent Grashaw’s boxing drama

Tim Blake Nelson (O Brother, where art thou?, The Incredible Hulk) is ready to field his dukes to Bang Bangan upcoming boxing drama from director Vincent Grashaw (Tinkerbell, What Josiah saw). Written by Will Janowitz (The sopranos), the story focuses on Bernard “Bang Bang” Rozyski (Nelson), a disgruntled retired boxer responsible for looking after his grandson. Making ends meet, Bernard gets a chance to settle an old grudge, but he’ll have to show his kin around the ropes to come out swinging like a butterfly and stinging like a bee.

Participant Nelson to Grashaw’s hard-hitting drama is Glenn Plummer (Menace II Society, South Central), Andrew Liner (Vampire Academy, Better Things), Erica Gimple (fame, God made me a friend), Nina Arianda (Being Ricardo’s, Midnight in Paris), Daniella Pineda (Jurassic World: Dominion, The Vampire Diaries), and Kevin Corrigan (True romance, The Departed).

“This project hits the most personal for me. I grew up loving the sport of boxing, but the script tackled elements I hadn’t seen before in a film; the aftermath of a troubled fighter’s career,” Grashaw said. “I found it an incredibly moving, tragic story, but also extremely funny. Tim Blake Nelson blew me away in the role and I can’t wait to share it with an audience.”

Meanwhile, Nelson relishes the challenge Bang Bangand participating is something he thinks is an intelligent film. “This role offers challenges I haven’t had as an actor,” Nelson confessed, “but more importantly, it’s part of a stunningly clever and surprising script brought to life by a superb storyteller in Vincent Grashaw.”

Ran Namerode and Angelia Adzic are producing through Randomix Productions, with Cole Payne of Traverse Media, Grashaw and Janowitz. Jesse Ozeri, Dane Eckerle and Nicolaas Bertelsen serve as executive producers.

“Vince is gifted with unique skills, and around him we gathered an excellent team, from an amazing writer to an amazing cast to an amazing crew and production team,” added Namerode, “and we are all convinced of that Bang Bang will really touch people’s hearts.”

Nelson is an incredibly versatile actor whose transformative habits should make his role in Bang Bang something worth getting into the ring about. Boxing dramas are a dime a dozen in Hollywood. But the preview image for Bang Bang (shown above) already makes this movie look like a gut punch to the senses. Ding Ding!

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