BJ Novak and Boyd Holbrook Talk Revenge, Fight Club and Making Movies!

BJ Novak’s directorial debut is an impressive work. The actor who charmed the audience further The office has made a clever and satisfying satire. The story revolves around a radio host who decides to follow up on a strange phone call. When a girl he happened to know dies, her family is convinced the host is the boyfriend she was in love with. Revenge is an excellent satire, one that features stellar performances from Novak, Issa Rae, and J. Smith Cameron. Boyd Holbrook is also fantastic as the brother desperate to go after those responsible for his sister’s death. This is an original and engaging feature that is well worth seeing. It also highlights a strong performance from Ashton Kutcher.

Recently, I had an incredible time speaking with both Mr. Novak and Mr. Holbrook. I’ve always appreciated BJ Novak, but my respect for him after this has grown. He opened up to address this subject and create a very real world that they live in. What was particularly funny is how the interview began when he noticed the Fight Club poster hanging behind me in The Zoom chat. BJ is incredibly talented and while this may be the first feature he’s taken on, it’s an incredibly inventive film and I can’t wait to see what’s next from him.

Next we spoke with Boyd Holbrook. Not only am I a huge fan of his work, but I’ve also had the pleasure of speaking with him a few times before. Sir. Holbrook opened up about creating the character Ty Shaw and what it was like stepping into that world with his director. We’ve seen Boyd play a variety of roles and this is another compelling showing from the actor. And what does he have coming? He was excited to mention some of his upcoming work Indiana Jones 5 and The Sandman. We’re going to see some great new movies from Boyd Holbrook and I’m looking forward to it. And when we saw his work, Mr. Novak’s Revenge opens today and is one to seek out.

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