Azrael: Samara Weaving to star in action horror film from EL Katz and Simon Barrett

Ready or not, Chaosand The babysitter star Samara Weaving walked straight off the set Scream 6 to work on the comic thriller Borderlineand now she will take part in the action-horror project Azraelwhich is scheduled to begin filming in Estonia on October 10th!

Deadline was unable to dig up any plot details Azraelbut we do know that the film will be directed by EL Katz (The Ghost of Bly Manor) from an original manuscript of You’re next author Simon Barrett. We also know that the manufacturers hope that Azrael going to start a franchise.

We also know that there was a competitive situation as to which company would get the chance to finance this project, and the winner ended up being Joker financier Jason Cloth and his C2 Motion Picture Group partner Dave Caplan. Caplan and Barrett are producing the film along with Dan Kagan, while Cloth serves as an executive producer along with Katrin Kissa.

As you can see, we know almost nothing about Azrael, but the information we have about the project is still enough to capture my interest. I watch pretty much everything Weaving works on anyway, as do projects written by Simon Barrett. In addition to You’re nextBarrett’s credits included The Guest, Seance, Blair Witch, Dead Birds, Frankenfish, Red Sands, and A horrible way to die. He is currently working on the scripts for Face/Off 2 and Godzilla Vs. King 2. Katz’s other directing credits include Cheap Thrills and episodes of Scream, swamp thing, and Channel zero.

So yeah, I’m all for watching an action horror movie from this bunch. How do Azrael sound for you? Are you a fan of any of the people involved? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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