Avatar 3: Lo’ak will replace Jake Sully as the narrator

James Cameron has revealed that Jake Sully and Neytiri’s son Lo’ak will replace his father as narrator on Avatar 3

The character Jake Sully has been the narrator of both of the first Avatar (see it HERE) and the sequel Avatar: The Way of Water (read our review HERE), but now franchise master James Cameron has revealed that he is losing his narration job per Avatar 3which is set to reach cinemas on 20 December 2024. During an interview d Soundtrack with Edith Bowman, Cameron told the fact that the narrator of the next sequel is the son of Jake Sully and Neytiri, Lo’ak. As the franchise continues Avatar 4 (scheduled to hit theaters on 18 December 2026) and Avatar 5 (one 22 December 2028 release), each film will have a different narrator.

said Cameron (with thanks to Variety for the transcript), “I’m going to take a moment when the dust clears to assess what people loved [about Avatar: The Way of Water] and what they reacted to the most, and then I can go back and tinker a bit [with Avatar 3]. We can go back and do a few moments here and there. It won’t be radical, but maybe tweak it a bit to emphasize what people respond to. For example, Lo’ak really emerged as a character that people went with. So I might find ways to…he’s already the narrator. I’m giving something away here, but that’s okay. I think it could be exciting for people to think about what’s coming. Jake was our voiceover narrator for film one and for film two, and we have a different narrator for each subsequent film. We see it through the eyes of another character. Film three is through Lo’ak’s eyes.

Cameron previously revealed to Avatar 3 will introduce a “fire tribe” of Na’vi called the Ash People who will show the negative side of the Na’vi. Jack Champion – who can be seen playing the character Spider in Avatar: The Way of Water – has said he was “very shocked” by the script for Avatar 3. “It just takes a hard left turn, and that’s not a bad thing. You think you know where it’s going, but then comes a wrecking ball. So you’re totally like, ‘Oh wow, I never thought that would happen.’ You also see more regions of Pandora and you are introduced to more cultures.

Besides Avatar 3Cameron have said to Avatar 4 will”go crazy in a good way” and that his response from a studio executive when he sent the script for it was just two words: “Holy f*ck.” Champion says he understands why it got that reaction: “Oh man, I can’t say exactly why, but that story is pretty awesome and pretty dark.Producer Jon Landau has let it slide to Avatar 5 will send characters, including Pandora native / Na’vi heroine Neytiri, on a journey to Earth.

Looking forward to seeing you Avatar 3 through the eyes of the new narrator Lo’ak, and to find out who will narrate the future sequels? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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