As We Know It: Pam Grier to star in zombie apocalypse horror comedy

Pam Grier (Jackie Brown) has logged in to participate As we know itan independent film that Variety hears will take place “in the middle of a nuclear zombie apocalypse”. Filming began in Los Angeles at the end of July and is expected to wrap up at the beginning of this month.

Josh Monkarsh (Subway Cafe) instructs As we know it from a script he wrote with Christopher Francis and Brandon DePaolo. The story they made is in Los Angeles in the late 1990s and centers on

a struggling writer named James Bishop who faces a messy breakup with the help of his best friend while trying to finish his latest book before the impending apocalypse.

Grier joins the cast of this “comedy-horror romance” by Chris Parnell (30 Rock), Oliver Cooper (Project X), Mike Castle (Brews Brothers), Taylor Blackwell (Designated survivors), and TikToker Danny Mondello. This marks Mondello’s acting debut.

Monkarsh is also producing As we know it along with Daniel Cummings and Josh Fruehling. The project has backing from Traffic City Productions, and K. Asher Levin is co-producing. Levin directed a few other genre projects we’ve reported on recently; the vampire comedy Killersthe thriller Digand the darkly comic murder mystery Helen is dead. Monkarsh was an executive producer on both Killers and Dig (both of which starred Thomas Jane, so it’s a bit surprising not to see his name on it As we know it cast list).

I’m not familiar with Monkarsh’s previous work, but I’m a big fan of Pam Grier, so the fact that she’s involved already makes me interested in checking out this zombie apocalypse comedy.

do As we know it Does that sound interesting to you? Are you a fan of Grier or any of the other cast members? Share your thoughts on this one by leaving a comment below.

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