Andor: The Rogue One prequel series will only run for two seasons

Andorthat Rogue One: A Star Wars Story prequel series, only lasting two seasons on Disney Plus. Some expected it to run for five years, due to the fact that showrunner Tony Gilroy told the audience at Star Wars party that the show would cover the five years up to Rogue one. Although still the plan, the second season will differ in its approach from season one to cover a longer period. The first season’s twelve episodes will cover one year in Andor’s life, while the twelve-episode second season will cover the next four years. Gilroy envisions three blocks of episodes for this season, which will each cover a year. This is exactly what Gilroy outlined at Star Wars Celebration, but people seemed to miss that detail in all the excitement over the new trailer.

As Gilroy tells Deadline, “we’re covering a year in our first 12 episodes that we’ve finished, in fact we’re finishing up our final mix on [episode] 12 tomorrow. We’re going to do another 12 episodes starting in November and the organizing principle of filming is that we do blocks of three, so last year we looked at the difficulty of doing five years, which seemed like it would take us the next 30 years.”

According to Gilroy, the last scene of the last episode will lead right into the beginning of Rogue one. At the end of it generally well regarded Star wars the prequel character memorably sacrificed himself for the greater good. With this series, we will no doubt learn how Andor came to make that fateful decision, with this tracing of his formative years in the Rebellion.

The series premieres on Disney Plus on September 21, premiering in three episodes. Gilroy, who helped write (and possibly directly) Rogue one, will be the showrunner. Toby Haynes (Black mirror‘s USS Callister), Ben Caron (That Crown) and Susanna White (Generation Kill, Our kind of traitor) are the show directors.

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