Andor creator Tony Gilroy wanted his team to forget their Star Wars nostalgia

It is hard to find anyone today who has not been touched by it Star wars. George Lucas’ franchise has inspired generations of fans, and many of those involved in the entertainment industry today pursued their careers because of Star wars. Getting the chance to work in a galaxy far, far away would be a dream come true, but Andor creator Tony Gilroy wanted his team to leave their nostalgia at the door.

Despite co-writing Rogue onethat Star wars franchise wasn’t really on Tony Gilroy’s radar, which he feels gave him the opportunity to take some turns that lifelong fans wouldn’t. When the time came to evolve AndorGilroy said THR that he had to encourage his team to forget that they were working on one of the greatest franchises of all time.

It’s really fascinating. We have this experience all the time. In all departments, we have got all kinds of people, and they know it is Star wars, so that they change their behavior. They change their attitude. They change theirs thing. An actor will come in from a Ken Loach movie or something, they put one Star War [costume], and all of a sudden this amazing actor who auditioned for you and didn’t know what it was, starts acting differently. And you’re like, “Wait, no. Do your thing. You’re here because we want you to be real.” So it is a testimony of the strong power Star War. It really gets into people’s heads, but changing lanes and doing it this way takes a little effort. It is interesting.

Tony Gilroy added that the people at Lucasfilm had tried several different versions of Andor before they reached him. “I wasn’t really interested, but the people who tried it felt a little caught up in what we were just discussing, this reverence for Star War,Gilroy said. “But they were also kind of hampered because the economics weren’t really in place for large-scale streaming at the time. The economics of doing a show like this, there wasn’t anyone who wanted to spend that kind of money on a show. Now there’s a bunch of aircraft carriers floating around; it is becoming a normal thing.” Even though we’re only three episodes in Andor at this point I’d say Gilroy has done one hell of a job Star wars series.

Production on the second season of Andor starts in November, and while Tony Gilroy will still be involved, he told THR that he won’t be directing any episodes this time around. “I can not. This job is just too big,Gilroy said. “I don’t have time to spare. It’s a really bad use of my time. Ari [Ariel] Kleiman is out in Pinewood. I was out there this morning. We started shooting in November. He started preparing three weeks ago. He has his hands full out there just to get to November. I have all the other things I have to do. There was a fantasy that I would end up doing the last block, but I just can’t, to be honest with you.” You can check a review of Andor from our very own Alex Maidy right here.

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