Alone at Night: The Ashley Benson slasher gets a January release date

Formerly known as 18 and over, the erotic “pandemic slasher” starring Ashley Benson (Pretty Little Liars) now goes under the title Alone at night – and Deadline reports that Vertical Entertainment has acquired the North American distribution rights to the film, with their plan to give it a theatrical and VOD release on January 20Th. Alone at night was previously released as a $263 NFT back in August.

Other Angle Pictures has acquired the international rights to the film.

Alone at night stars and was produced by Benson, who is also credited with creating the project with writer/director Jimmy Giannopolous and co-writer Diomedes Raul Bermudez. Benson takes on the role of Vicky, who is looking for an escape after going through a breakup. While in a remote cabin, she models lingerie for her followers on an adults-only live streaming website (called 18 & Over) – before the power goes out… and she’s terrorized by a masked, mace-wielding killer.

Benson is joined in the cast by Jon Foster, Jake Weary, Sky Ferreira, Luis Guzman, Winnie Harlow, G Eazy, Duke Nicholson, A$AP Nast, John Robinson, Paris Hilton, and Pamela Anderson. G Eazy also composed the film’s score.

Alone at night was also produced by Purpose Films’ Bermudez and Artemis Pictures’ Siena Oberman, plus Cassius Corrigan. Jamin O’Brien is executive producer.

I’m glad to hear that Alone at night will be receiving a traditional release soon and I’ll probably check it out when it’s available in January. The trailer shows Ashley Benson wearing a Jason Voorhees-style hockey mask, so the movie appeals directly to me with that image. But in the meantime, I’m sitting here hoping we’ll hear a similar announcement about Kevin Smith’s NFT horror flick Killroy was here soon.

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