‘WandaVision’ spinoff ‘Agatha’ begins production this week

The first Marvel Cinematic Universe TV show spun off from another MCU TV show was Agatha continually.

Marvel’s first Disney+ series, WandaVisionis about to trigger a spinoff, Agatha: Chaos Coven. The show stars Kathryn Hahnwho repeats his role from WandaVision as Agatha Harkness, a powerful witch who used a lot of WandaVision secretly manipulates Wanda Maximoff and tries to claim her chaos magic powers for himself. In it WandaVision In the finale, Wanda defeated Agatha and returned to her persona as “Agnes”, the character she played in the sitcom world Westview that Wanda had created. Wanda also cast a spell that would prevent Agatha from ever using her own magic again.

Obviously, that spell didn’t last long. (My guess: The events of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness dispelled the spell and released Agatha to return to her scheming, witchy ways.) And now her series is almost ready to begin; Therefore The Hollywood Reporterbegins production tomorrow in Atlanta, with Jac Schaeffercreator of WandaVisionback as main writer and also director on several episodes.

In addition to Hahn, the show boasts a cast that includes some Marvel additions, as well as recurring WandaVision supporting players:

The expansive cast includes Aubrey Plaza, Heartstopper breakout Joe Locke, stage star Patti LuPone, comedian Sasheer Zamata, former Buffy the Vampire Slayer actress Emma Caulfield and That ’70s Show’s maternal mainstay Debra Jo Rupp. Agatha will likely depart as David Payton, David Lengel, Asif Ali, Amos Glick, Brian Brightman and Kate Forbes, who all appeared on WandaVision, return for the spinoff.

Most of these names played former residents of Westview, the town that Wanda Maximoff transformed and took control of during WandaVision. (Forbes played Agatha’s mother, Evanora Harkness, in a flashback.)

That Agatha spinoff was first announced in November 2021 under the title Agatha: House of Harkness. When it was mentioned again, it had changed to Agatha: Chaos Covenperhaps a reference to the chaos magic that fueled it WandaVision or a reference to the chaos that Agatha caused on that show – most famously in the sequence of music titles that revealed Agatha’s machinations:

Agatha: Chaos Coven does not currently have an official release date, but is expected to premiere later in 2023 on Disney+.

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