Aqua Teen Hunger Force Season 12 Announced Ahead of Plantasm HBO Max Release

Aqua Teen Hunger Force is returning for another season as its creators announced that the series had been renewed for a 12th season.

According to the announcement, the new season will consist of five episodes. Creators Dave Willis and Matt Maiellaro also confirmed that the series’ latest film, Aqua Teen Forever: Plantasmwill be released on HBO Max on February 8, 2023 and debut on Adult Swim on March 12, 2023 at midnight.

In a statement announcing both moves, Willis and Maiellaro said they were excited to bring more episodes to a new generation, building on what they call “the most impressive collection of IP ever.” They also jokingly congratulate fans who waited long enough to see the new movie for free.

“We are excited to do more Aqua Teen Hunger Force episodes for a new generation of fans, building on the most impressive collection of IP ever assembled. Success is optimal and leads to quality,” said Maiellaro and Willis.

“Congratulations!” the couple added. “You waited just long enough Aqua Teen Forever: Plantasm to be free on the service your parents pay for. I can’t wait for you to discover the project everyone has been talking about, and by everyone I mean our personal twitter accounts. There are too many things to see already. Breathe and focus only on Aqua Teen. Delete everything else.”

Originally premiered in 2000, Aqua Teen Hunger Force was one of the very first Adult Swim series to premiere on the cable channel. The series ran for 11 seasons, totaling 139 episodes, including two films, Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon movie movie to theaters in 2007, and the film from 2022 Aqua Teen Forever: Plantasm. A series of YouTube spin-off shorts, Aquadonk side piecesalso released last year, featuring some of the show’s more iconic characters in small sketches.

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