Exclusive Condor’s Nest Clip shows a tense standoff

ComingSoon launches an exclusive Condor’s Nest clip from Saban Films upcoming action film. The film premieres in cinemas, digitally and via video-on-demand on January 27.

“American war veteran Will Spalding (Jacob Keohane) has tracked the sadistic Nazi colonel who executed his bomber crew during World War II to a remote location in South America,” reads the film’s synopsis. “But he’s in for more than he bargained for when he uncovers a secret Nazi headquarters known as the Condor’s Nest.”

Check out the exclusive Condor’s Nest clip below:

Condor’s Nest was written and directed by Phil Blattenberger. It stars Jacob Keohane, Al Pagano, Corinne Britti, James Urbaniak, Jackson Rathbone, Jorge Garcia, Bruce Davison, Michael Ironside and Arnold Vosloo.

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