Leaked suicide squad image and report reveal live service elements

Rocksteady Studios still hasn’t shown off much gameplay Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League or reveal what exactly the game is. However, a new leaked image and attached report has revealed that the game has live service elements and a battle pass.

As captured by freelancer Andrew Marmo, the alleged test build image appeared online on 4chan and Save your. The image shows a row of the four anti-heroes, all with levels attached to them on a sort of matchmaking screen in a way that looks quite similar to Marvel’s Avengerswhich was critically panned and dubbed a disappointment by its publisher. There are also tabs for a battle pass and loadouts along with what looks like six different currencies.

While the image itself is compelling, it has been confirmed by Video Games Chronicle. The outlet’s source said the battle pass will be focused on cosmetic items like skins. The currencies at the top, according to the source, are for leveling up and customizing each hero.

“You don’t start out meek and weak,” the source said. “You just start well and can become ridiculous, e.g Arkham Knightis Batman.”

Rocksteady has not commented on the situation or tried to do damage control to appease the commenters on various social media platforms who are expressing disappointment with their live service elements. However, the game is four months from launchso the team will likely have to acknowledge those concerns one way or another soon.

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