Silent Love Trailer Previews Polish Slamdance Documentary

ComingSoon is excited to debut Quiet love trailer for the critically acclaimed documentary, which premieres in the US on January 21 at Slamdance Film Festival. The documentary takes a look at two women in love in a small Polish village, which is a traditionally conservative and closed society.

“After the death of their mother, 35-year-old Aga must take care of her teenage brother, Milosz,” the logline reads. “There’s one thing she doesn’t tell him about: her ongoing relationship with Maja. An unconventional family is born in a small, conservative Polish village.”

Check out Quiet love trailer below:

Marek Kozakiewicz serves as director, writer and cinematographer for Quiet love. Editors are Anna Garncarczyk together with Monument and Agata Cierniak. It features music by Bartosz Bludau. Agnieszka Skalska and Agnieszka Dziedzic served as producers, while Alex Tondowski and Ira Tondowski co-produced.

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