Marvel Snaps Ven PVP Update Release Date Window Revealed

Marvel Snap allows users to play in online multiplayer matches against strangers but not against their friends. That’s about to change with an upcoming patch that will allow users to go toe-to-toe against their friends.

This update, as suggested by a post on the game’s websiteis tentatively scheduled for January 31. However, developer Second Dinner may delay it a bit to “make sure things work properly.”

Friendly PVP was originally planned for 2022 according to its roadmap and an offer made to Washington Post, but it was pushed. In-game events, emotes, mythic map variants, and guilds are just some of the other features on said roadmap.

Second Dinner also moves some of the cards around in its various series. Some Series 5 cards are moving to Series 4, and a few Series 4s are moving down to Series 3. Valkyrie, Super-Skrull, Bast, Shuri, and Black Panther are the ones moving to Series 4, while Luke Cage, Absorbing Man, She -Hulk and Titania are going to series 3.

Cards become 10x more common in Collector’s Reserves and cheaper in the store when they drop a level as well. The cards chosen to move down are the ones that have been in that series the longest. However, Thanos and Galactus are not dropping from series 6 because they are “too epic”.

Those who grab a Series 5 card before it drops will get a “First Edition Badge” to let others know it’s extra special. Second Dinner even plans to apply this badge retroactively as well.

The Token Shop is also seeing improvements. While the team said it likes that it lets players evolve towards what they want, it said it didn’t like that the latest maps aren’t as accessible to those who haven’t completed Series 3. to solve this, Second Dinner is experimenting with ways to make it even faster through Series 3. However, these changes will take some time.

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