Assassin’s Creed Mirage’s smaller scale was affected by tired fans

Assassin’s Creed Mirage is a smaller one Assassin’s Creed game with a budget price of $49.99. This move was apparently at least partially influenced by fans who had grown tired of the series’ ballooning scope.

According to Game radarcreative director Stéphane Boudon stated that this move was a “convergence of multiple inputs”, but the community was first on their minds.

“Among our fans, we started to hear the desire for a character-driven story, focused on the pillars of the first one [Assassin’s Creed titles] on a more intimate scale,” he said. “It also resonates with us as developers, and this was the starting point for the project.”

The 2017s Assassin’s Creed Origins was the first entry to push further into traditional RPG territory and takes around 30 hours to beat and 84 hours to complete, according to HowLongToBeat. The 2018s Odyssey expanded upon it and takes about 45 hours to beat and 144 hours to complete. The 2020s Valhalla is the longest in the franchise as it takes around 60 hours to roll credits and about 140 hours to complete. While the completion time is a bit lower than that Odyssey, Valhalla has a lot more free and paid DLC, meaning the number is closer to 200 hours. (Editor’s note: It took me 197 hours to get every single trophy in Valhalla. – Michael Leri)

Although recent entries have done well critically (they sit at 85, 84and 83respectively) and commercial (Origin and Odyssey have sold over 10 million units and Valhalla has generated over a billion dollars), many fans and critics have expressed their displeasure at the increasing bloat of the series. Some see it as a departure from the franchise’s roots, while others simply want a more focused game with less repetitive content.

Ubisoft originally said to Valhalla should be less than Odysseyas Ubisoft Middle East head of communications Malek Teffaha said in a now deleted tweet that the team “addressed criticism of this one” regarding its length. This was quickly went back as Ubisoft said, the map was “probably a bit bigger” than the i Odyssey.

The truth is a little more difficult to calculate precisely. As shown by DG VFX’s comparison video below, it seems Odyssey and Black flag are the largest entries. But those rates have much more water, and Valhalla has multiple landmasses in the core game and its DLC that are not accounted for ie Valhalla probably still have those games beat. Regardless, it seems like Mirage will not be in contention for first place.

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