A Lot of Nothing Trailer showcases RLJE Films’ revenge thriller

The official one A lot of nothing trailer for RLJE Filmupcoming revenge thriller has been revealed. It features a married couple who decide to take matters into their own hands as they seek revenge on their neighbor, a police officer who committed a wrongful crime. The film is scheduled to debut on February 3 in theaters and on VOD.

A lot of nothing is directed and produced by Mo McRae from a script he co-wrote with Sarah Kelly Kaplan. The film stars Y’Ian Noel (Insecure), Cleopatra Coleman (The last man on earth), Lex Scott Davis (Rebel) Shamier Anderson (Invasion), and Justin Hartley (This is us).

“James (Noel) and Vanessa (Coleman) seem like the perfect couple – happily married, successful and comfortable,” reads the synopsis. “One night their lives are shaken to their core when, after watching a tragedy unfold on the evening news, they realize their neighbor (Hartley) is involved. In a state of shock and with opposing views on how to solve problem, they embark on a highly combustible journey to ‘do something’ about it.

“Wildly entertaining, humorous and often absurd, A lot of nothing serves as a funhouse mirror that reflects the best and worst of humanity—and how our experiences of race, class, family, fear, love, and happiness drive our choices today. Mo McRae dazzles in his directorial debut with a sharp visual eye and a fresh, compelling voice. With the film, he gives a sharp take on the micro- and macro-dynamics that are at play in many of our lives, and tackles them with nuance, finesse and wit.

The film is produced by Emmy nominees David Oyelowo, Kim Hodgert and Nina Soriano. The producers are Scalable Content, Secret Society Films, Traction and Anonymous Content with Inny Clemons, Jason Tamasco, DeAnna Gravillis and Zak Kristofek.

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