Exclusive Plastic Earth Trailer previews of the Rob Riggle-hosted documentary

ComingSoon launches an exclusive trailer for Plastic soil, the environmental documentary hosted by Rob Riggle. The film is expected to be released in 2023.

“The film follows the story of a worried mother, Janice Overbeck,” it reads Plastic soilsynopsis. “Janice goes on a journey to learn the full story of this problem and to uncover what’s going on behind the scenes to solve it. Through dozens of interviews with scientists, engineers, researchers and innovators, Janice gets first-hand insight into how we can get this problem under control. This documentary features many of the world’s heroes working to solve the world’s plastic and environmental problems.”

Check out the exclusive The earth trailer below:

“Our Plastic soil film crew has completed one of the most fulfilling journeys of our lives, and this experience has truly changed us all for the better,” said co-directors Jack Winch and Janice Overbeck. “We are extremely excited about our Gravitas partnership and to Plastic soil to be widely available for others to see. We look forward to the world seeing our film and we hope humanity will gain the knowledge we gained on our journey and a better perspective on the plastic crisis and the solutions that are within our reach.”

Plastic soil was written and directed by Janice Overbeck and Jack Winch. It is hosted by Rob Riggle, produced by Jack Winch and Janice Overbeck, and co-produced by Scott Seydel. Executive producers are Jack Winch and Gunnar Overbeck.

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