Harry Styles’ MCU Return as Starfox/Eros Teased by Eternals Producer

After briefly appearing in a post-credits scene in Eternal, Harry Styles has not appeared in any Marvel Studios project since. However, that doesn’t mean his time in the MCU is over.

Speaking to Deadline during their Crew Call podcast, Marvel Studios VP of Production & Development Nate Moore was asked about Styles and his future going forward. While Moore didn’t give too much away, he did say that they didn’t cast Styles simply to appear at the end of a movie.

“We didn’t cast Harry for a brand,” Moore said. “[There are] more stories to tell with that character. He has an interesting connection with Thanos; they are half brothers and share the same father. He’s a complicated character, but a really fun character.”

During the post-credit scene in Eternal, Eros – played by Harry Styles – and his partner, Pip, appeared on the Eternals ship and offered their assistance. Eros’ introduction to the MCU is a big deal, as he’s not only another Eternal, but also the brother of Thanos, the Mad Titan who served as the overarching bad guy for the first decade of MCU movies.

While the future of the Eternals group is currently unknown, Eros plays a major role in certain Marvel Comics series. Also known as Starfox, the character has teamed up with the likes of Captain Marvel in the past, as well as helping the Avengers through certain battles.

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