Box Office Results: M3GAN Exceeds Expectations, Avatar Continues Ascent

In a surprising twist, the Blumhouse thriller M3GAN proved quite formidable at the box office in January, bringing in a whopping $30.2 million in its debut weekend after posting a $11.7 million Saturday. Deadline. Another example of why the studios continue to rely on low-budget horror films (M3GAN was produced for only $12 million) for easy money.

Elsewhere, Avatar: The Way of Water continued his stellar run up the charts. The pic beat expectations in its fourth weekend, collecting an astonishing $45 million to lift its domestic haul to $516.7 million. James Cameron’s epic hit half a billion in 23 days, faster than Rogue One: A Star Wars Story and Top Gun: Maverickeach of which took 32 days to achieve the same total.

Globally, the long-awaited sequel has grossed a whopping $1.7 billion and is just $208 million away from overtaking Spider-Man: No Way Home ($1.9 billion). Never doubt James Cameron, folks. For comparison the original Avatar grossed $50M in its fourth weekend domestically, while The power is awakened grabbed $42 million (on its way to a $936M domestic total), and Spidey hovered at $32 million. How high will The Way of the Water fly? Your guess is as good as mine.

Meanwhile, the Tom Hanks drama A man named Otto grossed $4.2 million from 637 theaters and will continue its expansion in the coming weeks, while Marvel’s Wakanda forever continues its long-legged run, adding $4.2M. in week 9 to bring its domestic total to $445.4 million.

Still, the best news about this weekend is how closely it resembled the time before the pandemic. Around this time in 2020, before you know what hit the tab, 1917 led with $39.2 million. in its third weekend (the film’s first in wide release if I’m not mistaken), while The Rise of Skywalker and Jumanji: The Next Level enjoyed fourth and fifth weekends of $15.05M and $14M, respectively. Times have obviously changed, and revered images such as Babylon ($13.5M domestic so far) and I want to dance with someone ($19.6M) still needs help finding an audience. Still, this week’s numbers are promising.

Box Office Results: Domestic Top 10

1.) Avatar 2 (Wed) 4,340 (+138) theaters Fri $11.4 million Sat $20.6 millionSun $12.95 million3 days $45 million (-33%), Total $516.7 million/Week 4

2.) M3GAN (Uni) 3,509 theaters Fri $11.7 millionSat $11.7 million Sun $6.8 million 3-day $30.2 million/Week 1

3.) Puss in Boots 2 (Uni) 3,919 (-202) theaters Fri $3.3 million Sat $5.9 million Sun $3.8 million 3-day $13.1 million (-22%)/Total $87.7 million/Week 3

4.) A man named Otto (Sony) 637 (+633) theaters, Fri $1.5 million Sat $1.6 million Sun $1 million 3-day $4.2 million (+7366%) Total $4.285 million/Week 2

5.) Wakanda forever (Dis) 2255 (-55) theaters Fri $968,000 Sat $1.4 million Sun $951,000 3-day $3.39 million (-34%) In total $445.4 million/ Week 9

6.) I want to dance with someone (Sony) 3184 (-441 theaters) Fri $700,000 Sat $1 million Sun $615,000 3-day $2.4 million (-39%) In total $19.6 million/ Week 3

7) The whale (A24) 835 (+212) theaters Fri $423,000 Sat $638,000 Sun $479,000 Three days $1.5 million (+9%) In total $8.5 million/Week 5

8.) Babylon (Pair) 2,381 (-970) theaters Fri $430,000 Sat $625,000 Sun $375,000 Three days $1.4 million (-45%) In total $13.5 million/Week 3

9.) Violent night (Uni) 1,981 (-582) theaters Fri $210,000 Sat $330,000 Sun $200,000 3-day $740,000 (-65%) Total $49.4 million/Week 6

10.) The menu (Sea) 800 (-60) theatres, Fri $211,000 Sat $309,000 Sun $193,000 3-day$713,000 (-35%) Total $37.6 million Week 8

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