Dwayne Johnson proud of having ‘The Guts to Fail’, amid DC reports

Following reports of tension between Dwayne Johnson and Warner Bros. A discovery that surfaced recently, the actor took to social media to say that he is proud to have had the courage to try and fail.

In a video posted on Twitter, Johnson credited his friend Inky Johnson with a quote the actor has lived by, which is to always have the “courage to fail” rather than a desire to just be famous.

“A thought I wanted to share with you,” Johnson said. “There’s a good friend of mine called Inky Johnson, you guys should follow him. He always has a great perspective, down-to-earth perspective. He keeps it raw. He keeps it real. He said something that was really deep, which I feel ties into all of this: … he talked about having the courage to fail. And the reason I bring it back to you is having the courage to fail compared to having the desire to be famous, to have the desire to succeed.”

Johnson did not specifically mention the tension between himself and Warner Bros., or Black Adams performance, but said he continues to follow his gut, and sometimes that leads to him getting an “ass kick” on some things.

“But I’ve found in life that the desire to be famous, the desire to succeed, will never be as strong as having the courage to fail,” Johnson said. “And I love it because I look back at my own life and around every corner, and still today – Look, I’m a Tyrannosaurus Rex, I’m 58,000 years old, but I’m still. And that is my guiding principle. I just have the courage to fail, around every corner. And that guides my decisions. It allows me to take big swings. Make me kick some of them. Errors in some of them. But then some of them also succeeded. So I will always take courage over lust. Have a great week and let’s get to it. This is our year. 2023. Courage over lust.”

Johnson’s comments follow a report claiming the relationship between Johnson and Warner Bros. is worn thin. The report specifically noted that Johnson tried to pitch his own future for the DC Universe ahead of James Gunn and Peter Safran’s promotion to co-CEOs of DC Studios, a move that reportedly didn’t go over too well.

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