Exclusive My Father Muhammad Ali clip sheds light on Ali’s fights

ComingSoon launches an exclusive My father Muhammad Ali clips from the upcoming documentary following Muhammad Ali Jr. The film will be released in selected cinemas and via video-on-demand on January 13.

“This documentary tells the story of the champion boxer Muhammad Ali through the eyes of his only biological son, Muhammad Ali Jr.,” reads the documentary’s synopsis. “Muhammad Jr. battled bullying, abandonment, addiction, family and heartbreak to ultimately find peace.”

Check out the exclusive My father Muhammad Ali clip below:

My father Muhammad Ali is written and directed by Chad A. Verdi and Tom DeNucci. It stars Muhammad Ali Jr., Khalilah Ali, Rahman Ali and Chuck Wepner and is produced by Chad A. Verdi, Michelle Verdi, Chad Verdi Jr., Paul Luba, Nick Koskoff, Matthew J. Weiss and Muhammad Ali Jr.

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