Tchia Preview: An Open, Oceanic Adventure

There are nearly 200 countries on Earth, yet we often see games taking place in the same handful of them. With game development spread to multiple locations around the world, there are more opportunities than ever to get small digital peeks into some of these areas. Chia is one such game as it is an open world exploration focused title heavily inspired by New Caledonian culture. And although it seems a bit on the thin side, its oceanic setting and charm picks up the slack.

Chia‘s open world is instantly comparable to others in the genre, with its vast mountain ranges, lush greenery, and an array of wild animals. Its stylized art direction works with these lighter colors to create a pleasant location that invites players to explore. There are most likely no poison swamps or volatile volcanoes like Death Mountain in it Chia.

China preview:

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And although it is probably lacking in areas such as The Wild Spiritaforementioned fire zone, Chia has some elements in common with the central 2017 game. Tchia, the titular protagonist, can slide around and climb, both of which are dictated by a round stamina meter. Collecting special fruits expands this meter, allowing for longer walks and flights.

The movement is quite smooth as Tchia, despite being a small child, can jump quite high and get around like most other skilled protagonists in video games. She can also climb tall trees and comically use them as springboards to launch into the air, which is pretty exciting.

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