Marvel’s Avengers gets 2 new comic skins

Crystal Dynamics adds many Marvel Cinematic Universe skins Marvel’s Avengers, but the team also sells comic-inspired skins from time to time. Iron Man and Hawkeye are the two newest heroes to get said comic costumes, both of which are from runs in the 2010s.

The Iron Man skin mimics his look from the 2015 “Invincible” run. This edgier suit is 900 Credits (about $9). This is a step down from the MCU skin which is normally 1,400 Credits. There is a bundle that also includes a black variant of this armor that costs 1,200 Credits. However, this “Stealth” variant cannot be purchased separately.

The “Modern” Hawkeye outfit, on the other hand, is from “Secret Avengers #21.1.” This outfit puts glasses on the archer and features his signature purple hue throughout. It is also 900 points.

Both outfits were revealed in one Wardable mail from December 29, 2022, with Crystal Dynamics laying out the next few weeks for the game. This post noted that the limited-time event Rooskaya Protocols has returned, Hawkeye and Thor will receive triple experience, and shipping has been reset, bringing back the skin inspired by Iron Man 3.

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