Jeremy Renner posts picture of recovery, thanks to fans after injury

Jeremy Renner thanked fans for the first time since suffering “chest trauma and orthopedic injuries” following a snow plowing accident.

More details emerged after Washoe County Sheriff Darin Balaam reported the incident, saying it was a “tragic accident” and not due to Renner being impaired. The accident occurred after Renner helped free a vehicle driven by a family member from the snow. But after Renner exited the Sno-Cat he was driving, it slid forward, injuring Renner as he tried to stop the 14,000-pound vehicle.

Renner thanked fans for their support, although he noted that he was “too messed up now to post.” Sharing a photo of his bruised and bloodied face, he said he’s sending “love to you all”.

Watch Renner’s message to fans below:

ComingSoon wishes Renner a speedy recovery.

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