Dead Space’s first 18 minutes show fully recreated visuals

Motive Studio has been quite open about it Dead Space the development process of the remake, shows the horror title several times in the early stages in addition to releasing others trailers and reviews. But now that it is almost outteam has released the longest video yet, and it includes an unbroken look at Dead Space the first 18 minutes of the replay.

IGN posted the video as part of its IGN First coverage. This video shot on the PC immediately shows off the game’s improved visuals, as noted by Nicole’s radically updated character model. One of the other big changes is how protagonist Isaac Clarke speaks this time around. As Motive previously stated, Isaac is no longer mute as he was in the 2008 original and will speak when spoken to, as this opening scene demonstrates. Its improved lighting and blood effects were also shown, the latter of which is evident when a necromorph’s blood dims Isaac’s helmet lights in the early elevator scene.

That Dead Space the remake is likely in for a big month, as in addition to IGN’s month’s coverage, it’ll also be making an appearance at The Game Awards in some form. However, this preview is for those going to an IMAX screening of the show.

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