WWE Superstar Becky Lynch filmed unused scene for Marvel’s Eternals

According to a recent report from Fightful SelectWWE superstar Becky Lynch filmed a scene for a Marvel movie, and while it wasn’t used, she could come back for more in the future.

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The Fightful Select report notes that Lynch was set to appear in a scene in the 2021s Eternal, in what the report notes was a post-credits scene to set up something in the future. However, Lynch’s scene did not end up making the film, a decision that the report suggests was merely an editing move.

Despite not appearing in the film, however, the report mentions that the possibility of Lynch appearing in future films is not out of the question, as Lynch is currently in talks with Marvel due to how happy the company was with her previous portrayal in the movie. unreleased scene.

Although nothing of the scene with Lynch was known, the Fightful Select report says that it was “too depressing” to end up making the final film, according to a person with knowledge of it. Another source in the report notes that Harry Styles – who appeared in his post-credits scene as Thanos’ brother Eros – was set to appear alongside Lynch in the scene before it was scrapped.

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As it stands, it’s currently unknown if Lynch will ever appear in a Marvel movie, but the wrestling superstar has been dipping her toe more and more into the world of Hollywood. Recently, the star appeared in the TV series Young rock like singer Cyndi Lauper.

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