Starship Troopers First-Person Shooter Announced

There hasn’t been a first-person shooter in the game Starship Troopers universe since the 2005 PC game, but Offworld Industries is addressing it with its newest title, Starship Troopers: Extinction. Extinction supports 12-player co-op and is expected to come to PC with early access sometime in 2023. No console versions were announced.

While the teaser trailer only hints at what the tone of the game will be and has no gameplay, its Steam page goes into more detail. Offworld explained that the shooter will be in early access for about a year and will launch with a large map – Valaka – and a roadmap.

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Player feedback will shape some of what Offworld plans for the game, but the team said it will add new weapons, enemy types, bosses, class upgrades, progression achievements, vehicles, community events, encounter types and customization options throughout the year. New planets were also hinted at, but not directly stated. The goal is to “start ongoing planetary battles where the player can explore new items and enemies introduced in previous updates as an epic war breaks out” in development. Offworld said it also wants to increase the “complexity and ferocity” of its development cycle when it comes out early.

The game itself will have up to 12 players working together to gather resources and complete missions to build and defend a pre-mining base. There will be three playable classes – Assault, Support and Defense – and each will have new weapons, equipment and perks. Players can also build various facilities such as walls, towers, and ammo stations and use the in-game ping system to communicate.

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It starts with five enemy types, and players can lower or increase the difficulty level for a more suitable challenge. Offworld also noted that the battles will be large and full of hundreds of aliens to “[deliver] the feeling of an overwhelming planetary war.”

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