James Gunn: Future DC Video Games Will Fit in DCU Canon

The latest series of cartoon video games have strayed away from their movie counterparts except for a few costumes here and there. However, it looks like that is about to change on the DC side of things.

According to DC Studios Co-Head James Gunn, there are plans to connect games to the DC Universe. Gunn doesn’t provide many details — he only answered “yes” to the question — so it’s not clear what those plans apply to or the extent of their interconnection.

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It is unlikely Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League will be one of those games since it’s already in Arkham universe. DC only has one other major game announced at this time: Monolith Productions’ wonder Woman project, as it announced at 2021’s Game Awards. But it is by no means clear where the title lands.

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Gotham Knights was not tied to anything – neither Arkham game – and that’s been the trend lately on both the Marvel and DC side. Marvel’s Avengers, Guardians of the GalaxyInsomniac Games’ Spider-Man titles, Iron Man VRand upcoming Midnight sun are all their own thing and do not connect to each other or the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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