Bruce Almighty Writers Reveal Idea for Unmade Sequel

While the hit comedy from 2003 Bruce the Almighty eventually received a sequel, the writers behind the original film had something completely different in mind for what the future of the series would hold.

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In a recent interview with SyfySteve Koren and Mark O’Keefe revealed their idea to Brucifera, the unmade sequel that would have seen Jim Carrey’s Bruce gain the powers of the Devil instead of God’s. According to the couple, they pitched the sequel to producer Michael Bostick the night of the original film’s premiere, but it just never panned out.

“[Jim Carrey’s] manager and he wanted to do Brucifera” Koren said. “We went in and pitched it, but it never quite worked out because it was later… It would have been another huge movie, and I don’t think they wanted to do it. It just didn’t work out for whatever reason, but a lot of people loved it, including Jim.”

Unlike the original film, Brucifera would have seen Bruce explore the darker side of forces after the death of his girlfriend (played by Jennifer Aniston). According to Koren, it “came from a serious place” but would be written in a “very friendly way”.

“You tend to lose your faith when the world seems unfair, and that’s what got him,” Koren said. “It came from a serious place, but we wanted to write it in a very friendly way. We definitely didn’t want to depress people. So I think it’s scared [the studio] a little bit, but to Jim’s credit, he totally understood that we were going to make a big comedy and thought everyone would connect with it.”

The pair went further into their pitch for the film, revealing that Bruce would have used his satanic powers to bring Aniston back from the dead, with Carrey even suggesting she return as a zombie first.

“I remember when we broke it up, [Jim] laughed off,” Koren said. “Because we got her to come back as Jennifer Aniston. He said, ‘No, she has to look like a zombie first and then we’ll make her beautiful again.’ We thought that was brilliant.”

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“It was basically supposed to be the trials of Job,” added O’Keefe. “The world hadn’t gone his way since he was God. Everything was great for a while; he was married and it all fell apart. He questioned everything again and then got a different way of dealing with things.

Instead of course Bruciferathe sequel Evan Almighty ended up being made in 2007. The follow-up focused on Steve Carell’s Evan, who appeared in the original film. Unfortunately for those behind it, Evan Almighty was considered a flop by almost every metric and never achieved the success of its predecessor.

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