Marvel’s Avengers’ Winter Soldier Trailer shows Bucky exploding and fighting

Crystal Dynamics is slowly revealing more and more about The Winter Soldier and his role in it Marvel’s Avengers. The developer released a new trailer showing the hero of the game ahead his release on November 29.

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The video doesn’t completely break down his abilities, but shows how he can shoot and punch like the hybrid soldier that he is. Crystal Dynamics noted that his origin story here is “true to his comic origins, yet unique” for this game.

IN Marvel’s Avengers, he is devastated by the loss of Captain America, prompting Shield agent Maria Hill to reach out and give him a new purpose. Although freeing captured Inhumans doesn’t answer the questions he has about Captain America’s death, as antagonist Dr. Monica Rappaccini uses against him to capture him and reactivate his Winter Solider protocol. The Avengers rescue him, but he is initially hesitant to join. However, he relents as several of Monica’s protocols are still out there.

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The trailer also gives a quick glimpse of his additional costumes, showing off four of his bonus costumes (in addition to his standard). These range from a throwback to his pre-winter soldiering days to an incognito suit.

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