The Witcher 3 Stream Details New Features in Upcoming Update, Netflix Armor Revealed

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunts major PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and PC update has been a long time coming. CD Projekt Red has now finally shown this upgrade in action through a new trailer and went into further detail in a recent stream.

As expected, The Witcher 3 on the PS5 and Xbox Series X will support a performance and quality mode, while the Xbox Series S will only have a 30fps mode. second and a mode of 60 frames per second. second. Quality mode will have global lighting ray tracing, better screen space reflections and dynamic resolution scaling to ensure players get 30 solid frames. Performance mode targets 60 frames per second and also has dynamic resolution scaling to more consistently hit 60 frames. PC users will get all that and more, which includes new ultra plus settings that let gamers go above and beyond if their hardware is strong enough.

Visuals will generally be of a higher quality compared to the last generation, so players will have a more detailed game no matter which mode they choose. Foliage and textures have been improved, mods have been integrated, and many other small changes like tall plumes of smoke from distant fires are just some of the small changes the team added to create a more striking game.

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Those on PS5 will also get support for adaptive trigger and haptic feedback. As the vibration in the controller channels the actual sound from the gamethe rumble will more accurately reflect what is happening on the screen.

And gladly Cyberpunk 2077, all systems will have access to cloud storage. This lets players transfer their progress from one platform to another.

This new update will also include a host of quality of life changes. There will be a new photo mode that lets players pause the action and frame their own photos. The game now has a new closer camera and players can even go into the settings and choose whether they want the classic camera or this new one. It is even possible to independently select different camera settings for combat, exploration or when driving the Roach.

Combat has also received some tweaks. Instead of slowing down the time to cast spells, players can just hold down the trigger and use the other buttons as shortcuts for five different spells, making the action a little faster. It is possible to do this on a keyboard, but it was not shown specifically.

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It will be possible to customize and put filters on the map so that it doesn’t get so messy. Geralt’s sprint button can now be activated when the left analog stick is pressed. Subtitle size options give players more control over how large the subtitles are. It is now possible to pause cutscenes. The minimap and and objectives can now disappear during exploration. Almost all new features are on a toggle so players can choose whether to implement them or not. The team noted that there are many quality of life changes in this update, and these are just some of the ones players can expect.

The previously announced cosmetics from the Netflix series weren’t fully shown in the stream (but do appear briefly in the trailer), but they will be part of a new questline, so they feel like they’re a natural part of the experience. Geralt’s armor and sword from the first two seasons will be in the game, as well as an alternate outfit for Jaskier and the Nilfgaardian armor. Jaskier’s outfit can be seen all around 25:40 marked by the above stream.

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