Chainsaw Man Episode 8 Release Date and Time on Crunchyroll

It took three days, but Denji finally defeated the Eternity Devil. Afterwards, the 4th department holds a welcome party for their new members. Here are the details for Chainsaw man Section 8.

When Chainsaw Man Episode 8 comes out

Chainsaw man Episode 8’s US release date is Tuesday, November 29. In Japan, the episode airs on Wednesday, November 30 at 12 JST.

For international viewers, Crunchyroll simulcasts the series. The episode with English subtitles will be available about an hour after its release in Japan. In the US, the equivalent schedule on Tuesday would be:

  • 12:00 PM ET
  • 11:00 a.m. CT
  • 9:00 a.m. PT

Where to watch Chainsaw Man

Chainsaw man is available to stream on Crunchyroll and Hulu.

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Chainsaw Man Episode 7 Recap

Denji continues to slash the Eternity Devil constantly. Power notices that Denji is losing a lot of blood, but Denji continues to fight the devil. After seeing Denji, Himeno remembers a conversation with Kishibe. Kishibe said before that the type of devil hunters that devils would fear are those who are not completely sane. Himeno thinks Aki is too sensible for the job. Denji ends up drinking the Eternal Devil’s blood every time he damages it. But after seeing Denji, she believes that Denji could defeat Gun Devil. After three days, Denji kills the Eternal Devil and they finally get out of the hotel.

While on the job, Himeno Aki suggests that there should be a welcome party for the newbies. She says it’s also a way for Division 4 to bond. Aki plans to invite Makima, which makes Himeno wonder if Makima knows Denji’s secret. At the party, Denji reminds Himeno of their agreement. Himeno tells him that she needs to drink a few more beers first. The newbies introduce themselves. Arai says he has a contract with Fox Devil, while Kobeni keeps his contract a secret.

Finally, Makima arrives and overhears Denji mumbling about Himeno’s kiss. Meanwhile, Aki asks Makima if she knows anything about Denji. Makima claims that she will tell him if he drinks more than her. However, Aki fails. After a while, Himeno gets up and kisses Denji. However, she also throws up on him. After the party, Himeno carries Denji home to her place.

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