Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot’s upcoming Bardock DLC gets a gameplay trailer

A new gameplay trailer for Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot‘s upcoming DLC, titled Bardock- Alone Against Fatehas been published by Bandai Namco.

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The new trailer shows Bardock and his team of Saiyan warriors battling the native Kanassan warriors trying to protect their planet. This will be familiar to fans of Bardock’s history, who are heavily influenced by this raid on Planet Kanassa. Two additional story arcs are being teased for later dates as part of this second season pass.

Check out Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot Bardock DLC gameplay trailer below:

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The PS5/Xbox Series X|S version of the game was announced recently along with a brand new season pass which will consist of three additional playable stories, the first of which is the title Additional scenario: -Bardock- Alone against fate. This DLC will focus on content from Bardock: Father of Goku television special, and will introduce a “complete retelling” of the story, complete with a Frieza boss fight, interactions with Frieza Force members and other Saiyans.

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