Fantasy Football Interview: Kelly Rowland on Family Friendly Movies

ComingSoon editor-in-chief Tyler Treese spoke Fantasy football star Kelly Rowland about the film and sharing her works with her children. The film is now available exclusively through Paramount+.

“In this funny and heartwarming father-daughter sports fantasy, everything changes when Callie A. Coleman (Marsai Martin) discovers that she can magically control her father Bobby’s (Omari Hardwick) performance on the football field,” reads the film’s synopsis. “When Callie Plays as Her Dad, a Running Back for the Atlanta Falcons, in EA Sports” Madden NFL 23, Bobby transforms from a fumble-plagued journeyman to a star running back on the road to superstardom with his daughter and wife Keisha (Kelly Rowland). With the NFL Playoffs looming and the pressure of Callie’s new commitment to her friends on the robotics team, the two must move forward to keep the magic a secret while juggling the ups and downs of their newfound success, all while rediscovering what it is . really means being a family.”

Tyler Treese: Kelly, there are some funny scenes where you go all out and cheer. Was it from experience? How do you feel about sports in real life?

Kelly Rowland: When I’m up for it, I’m up for it. I was at a soccer game with one of my girlfriends, and funnily enough, we thought we should probably just sit behind our husbands and eat the whole time. But when you catch a play and you go, “go, go, go!” It’s like the feeling of the stadium, it’s like how loud the noise is in your ear, as people and fans around you – you pick up energy. So for me, that’s what I love most about football matches. Basketball games – I’ve always loved basketball – but football games … that’s the energy for me, for sure.

Marsai Martin, she is so young, so talented. She didn’t just star in the film, she produced it. What was your biggest takeaway from watching her work and taking on all these different roles?

She is so attentive. Like there was a scene that was running behind and I remember – I don’t think we were supposed to know or I wasn’t supposed to know – and we were filming the scene and she just kept looking at her watch. She kept watching how people were moving and it was a bit slow for her. She wasn’t rushing or anything, but she was just encouraging people to move faster because we needed to get shots. It was another moment where she saw something on set and the lighting wasn’t quite right, you know what I mean? She is like a real producer. She cares about what’s happening on screen and is aware of all the edits. For her to be that young and have that kind of vision and have a specific place where she wants her art to be, it’s just extraordinary to me. She is definitely a young visionary.

You just had “Curse of Bridge Hollow” which was so much fun and now Fantasy Football. How satisfying is it to make these family-friendly films that also have good messages attached to them? Because it’s something your kids can enjoy too.

It’s incredible. In fact, I’m trying to take my youngest to see the movie with me, um, because it will be the first time I see it this week. So I’m really excited that I get to share these movies with him. Funnily enough, Titan was actually scared on it Curse of Bridge Hollow and I sat right next to him while he watched it. He says “mom!” The big pumpkin is trying to take me to the other side and I’m like, “I’m right here man! I’m right here.” But being able to share these moments is amazing and I feel truly grateful and truly blessed.

Omari Hardwick is so great in the movie. What’s it like to get that chemistry between you because there’s a lot of love and care in those characters?

I mean, Omari is incredibly supportive. He keeps it real with me. When we were on the set, it went through the lines. If I had a question about anything, I knew I could ask him. I felt like I was a student. I still feel like I’m a student. I’m still learning. I’m still growing in this acting space. If someone wants to teach you or you ask someone a question, Omari is the person to ask because he is so beautiful at this craft and he puts his whole self into it. I really respect that about him. I really appreciate that about him and he knows how seriously I take it too. So yes, I appreciate it.

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