Wednesday Interview: Gwendoline Christie on Principal Weems’ Dynamic

Netflix’s The Addams Family series by Tim Burton, which begins streaming Wednesday this week, features a well-rounded cast of familiar and new faces. One of the most famous will be Gwendoline Christie, who plays Nevermore Academy principal Larissa Weems.

“I was really interested in the role of bureaucracy in all of this,” Christie told ComingSoon. “Especially an outsider woman working in an institute and dealing with bureaucracy. That’s actually something I’ve looked at with a couple of my last projects, because I think we live in an increasingly corporate world, and it is something we must constantly examine. We are also very much now faced with the conundrum of whether we are in the service of an idea greater than ourselves, for the greater good, or are we in the service of our own ego? And about our survival and about our survival systems. So it was exciting for me to play that kind of woman.”

Christie also felt inspired by the dynamic between Weems and Wednesday as they go beyond the traditional principal and student relationship.

“Again, the relationship between a grown woman and a 16-year-old and just not really knowing where it’s going, and the movement and the change of the structures, the institute structures, the way that Wednesday is happy to subvert every single system, you see Weems is actually capable of the same,” Christie said of the dynamic. “So it’s a back and forth, it’s a battle. That’s what fascinates me, I feel like it touches some of the themes we experience in our world, and especially the idea of ​​a woman who is very self-made, who presents herself as a Hitchcock-style myth.. But instead of being like those screen sirens, in those stories they were constantly hit and had to fight trauma inflicted on them. She’s in control of her own destiny and she’s fighting through it, but she’s there alone.”

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