Melissa Joan Hart Open for Sabrina the Teenage Witch Reboot

Melissa Joan Hart Open for Sabrina the Teenage Witch Reboot

Sabrina the teenage witch was one of the biggest shows of the 1990s, and star Melissa Joan Hart recently said she would be open to returning to the series if the opportunity presented itself.

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In a recent interview with the Associated Press, Hart was asked about the potential for a new series, to which the actress noted that pulling it together isn’t as easy as some fans might think.

“The answer to Sabrina The reboot issue is, unfortunately, I can’t just point my finger and make it happen,” Hart said. “There’s so much red tape. Who owns it? Who would pay for it? What network would it be on?”

Hart was then asked if she would be interested in a reboot of the series if there was one, which the actress said she definitely would be. However, Hart noted that the series needed to do it “the right way” and not like other failed rebooted series.

“I would be totally interested if that was the right way to do it,” Hart explained. “I feel like so many of these reboots were done wrong, so many were rushed, so many weren’t thought through. And the thing is, sometimes it’s just that the fans think they want it, but fanfiction is so much better.”

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The series, which originally premiered in 1996, is based on Archie comics series of the same name — focused on the life of Sabrina Spellman, a girl who learns she has magical powers on her 16th birthday. The series starred Carolina Rhea and Beth Broderick as Sabrina’s aunts Hilda and Zelda, and also featured Nick Bakay as the talking cat Salem. The show ran for a total of seven seasons and was one of the highest rated series among ABC’s “TGIF” series.

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