New Midnight Suns Animated Short is about Ghost Rider

Midnight sunfirst animated prequel card focusing on Liliththat else told the story of Magik, and this newest one is all about Ghost Rider. As was the case with the last pair, it tells the story of how Robbie Reyes joined the Midnight Suns crew.

The video follows Reyes through a car chase with some local vermin where he shows off his skills with his vehicle as well as his chains. It also ties in a bit with Magik’s episode at the end, meaning these shorts will likely continue to build on each other. It’s also 3D animated, and given how Magik’s was in that style as well, the rest will likely be the same, which is in contrast to the 2D intro and debut episode.

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Ghost Rider was also the latest character to have a complete breakdown, despite being one of the earliest heroes revealed. Firaxis Games has done a deep dive into the entire launch with the exception of one that the studio has yet to reveal.

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