Exclusive Grounded Trailer Previews Unique Superhero Show

ComingSoon launches an exclusive trailer for Grounded, Redbird Entertainment and Firestorm VFX’s wacky superhero comedy series. The series will premiere on Tubi TV next week.

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“After the outbreak of a global virus, the world’s most powerful superhero finds himself quarantined at home, where he couldn’t possibly be more useless,” reads the show’s synopsis. “When news of his secret identity as a therapist leaks out, he finds his purpose restored as dozens of similarly costumed heroes with serious psychological issues turn to him, confessing their deepest fears, weaknesses and fetishes to the only man they know will understand their pain.”

Check out the exclusive Grounded trailer below:

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Grounded was created by Carl Reid and Enrico Natale. It stars Enrico Natale, Andrew “King Bach” Bachelor, Kaley McCormack, Nick Cardiff, Jeff Blum, Tasie Lawrence, Victor Salvatore, Jared Winkler and Cher Natale. The series will premiere on Tubi TV next week.

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