Exclusive The Last Deal trailer previews the Tense Crime Thriller

ComingSoon is excited to debut an exclusive trailer for The last deal, the upcoming crime film written and directed by Jonathan Salemi. The film is set to premiere in selected cinemas on February 7, 2023.

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“A black market cannabis dealer is forced out of business when marijuana becomes legal and is forced to make one last deal with the people he should trust least,” reads the film’s synopsis.

Check out the exclusive The last deal trailer below:

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“We used about 60 locations, including working marijuana fields, on big bridges, the LA River, on tarmac planes. Actors who are also veteran stuntmen were cast in the lead roles so we could keep all the action on screen without cutting away, and keep it very real,” Salemi said. “The goal was to create this very large authentic world, so you felt like you were really in this gritty underground industry. I’ve always appreciated in big-budget movies that the characters are in Italy, Australia, making deals in Paris or New York City , you always see something new and in unique locations that are true to the characters. I wanted that, but within the California cannabis industry and the dark, crime-ridden corners of downtown Los Angeles.”

The last deal stars Anthony Molinari, Sala Baker, Mister Fitzgerald, Jeffrey Lauren and Mike Ferguson. The film is set to premiere in selected cinemas on February 7, 2023.

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