Horizon Forbidden West Expansion Apparently teased by Lance Reddick

Guerilla Games is updated Horizon Forbidden West more than a few times this year with features like New Game Plus and VRR support, but hasn’t announced anything more substantial. But according to actor Lance Reddick, it looks like an expansion or a major update is on the way.

As noted by Insider game, Reddick, who plays the shifty Sylens in the series, tweeted that he was “in a session for #HorizonForbiddenWest!” Reddick also had small white dots on his face for recording facial expressions. While the tweet was quickly deletedusers could not only grab a screenshot of the post, but also the short video attached to italso, which sees Reddick wiggle his eyebrows and say he was “hard at work.”

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Deleting the tweet is a decent indication that it wasn’t meant to go up, especially since Guerrilla hasn’t announced its future plans for the game. It is also possible that this referred to something else i Horizon universe (there’s a TV show coming up), but the specificity of the hashtag suggests it was related to the 2022 open-world game.

Guerrilla released an expansion to Horizon Zero Dawn called Frozen Wilds nine months after the base game. It unlocked a whole new area of ​​the map and delved into the story of the Banuk tribe and Gaia’s Hephaestus subsystem.

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It is possible that Guerrilla does the same for Forbidden Westand some even thinking DLC ​​might be called Burning Shores because of certain entries in the game’s data points. Regardless, the studio has yet to confirm anything.

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