Netflix’s Onimusha Series First Look Images Revealed

Netflix took off Netflix Anime Twitter Account to show the first five images from the streamer’s upcoming Onimusha anime.

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The upcoming anime, which currently has no release date, is based on Capcom’s iconic video game series of the same name. The first title in the series, Onimusha: Warlordswas originally published in 2001 and was followed by seven others Onimusha game and a remaster of Warlords.

Netflix also announced that the character of Musashi Miyamoto, who will be in Onimusha anime series, is visually based on Toshiro Mifune, a famous Japanese actor who appeared in films such as Seven Samurai, The hidden fortressand Yojimbo.

Check out Onimusha first look at the pictures below:

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“At the beginning of the Edo period, Musashi is no longer a young man,” reads the series’ synopsis. “He sets off with the legendary Oni Gauntlet to defeat Genma. 3D CGI characters and hand-drawn backgrounds create phenomenal visuals. Onimusha given a new life using modern animation technology.”

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