Swollen and full of worms trailer teases trippy horror flick

Following the world premiere of Fantasia, a new trailer for the upcoming psycho-horror film All uplifted and full of worms has been released, teasing a chaotic entry into the genre.

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All uplifted and full of worms stars Phillip Andre Botello (The art of self-defense), Trevor Dawkins (Easy), Betsey Brown (The Scary of Sixty-First), Eva Fellows, Mike Lopez, Carol Rhyu and Sammy Arechar. Alex Phillips makes his directorial debut here in addition to writing the screenplay.

Watch the trailer for All uplifted and full of worms below:

“Working at a seedy motel, maintenance man Roscoe (Botello) is always looking for his latest fix,” reads the official synopsis for the film. “When he stumbles across a powerfully hallucinogenic worm, his days of dealing drugs in thrift stores are over. Along with his new love interest (Dawkins), the pair embark on a misguided odyssey of sex, violence and becoming one with the filth.”

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All uplifted and full of worms will premiere on November 8, 2022 and will be available on horror streaming service Screambox. The film will also receive a wider digital release, followed by an exclusive window on Cinedigm’s Fandor platform.

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