Over 90 Grand Theft Auto VI videos and screenshots have been leaked online

Rockstar Games was surprisingly honest as it was casual confirmed a new one Grand Theft Auto back in February. The announcement didn’t come with any screenshots, a trailer, or a simple logo, but it was something. But now Rockstar has to contend with a long series of leaks Grand Theft Auto VI videos and screenshots that have been dumped on the internet in one of the most extensive leaks in video game history.

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The recordings and screenshots started leaked out of the GTAForums from a user named teapotuberhacker before it quickly spreads to elsewhere. The user, who also claimed to have hacked Uber, said they obtained the data through a Rockstar employee’s Slack account.

While leaks like this can be suspicious, the many videos were quite revealing and difficult to refute. They also confirmed a previous Bloomberg report said the main characters would be a couple robbing places in Vice City and some of the gameplay here features said couple robbing a fast food restaurant. Their names, according to these videos, are Jason and Lucia, the latter of which appears to be of Latin descent, which was also in the Bloomberg report. Bloomberg reporter Jason Schreier took to Twitter to say that he contacted his sources at Rockstar and they confirmed to him that all of this was indeed real.

The many, many videos are from a game that is early in production, as evidenced by the unfinished textures and dialogue, and as such should not be indicative of the final product. Grand Theft Auto VI is, according to some inside Rockstar, still about two years away.

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The videos are much larger Grand Theft Auto staples like beat civilians, shoot out of cars, running from the policeand visiting the club to less like mentions of the LifeInvader app and others GTA-specific brands. These videos are slowly starting to be removed, so it’s unclear how many of them will remain up for the foreseeable future. Regardless, there are many mirrors and it will be nearly impossible to trample them all.

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