Marvel’s Avengers adds classic Hawkeye skin

Marvel’s Avengers often digs into the Marvel Cinematic Universe for skins, but it also mines comic book history for its suite of costumes. Crystal Dynamics reached back pretty far for one of its newest pieces of gear, giving Hawkeye a late 1970s outfit.

Hawkeye’s classic skin calls back to the 1978 “Avengers #172” comic, which gives the sharpshooter a set of purple-rich threads. This suit just hit the market in its latest update and is 900 Credits which is about $9.

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The game also celebrates Hawkeye as a whole. Hawkeye gets triple experience until September 22, and the game’s marketplace is selling Hawkeye’s non-MCU skins, takedowns, emotes, and name tags for 50% off.

This month’s shipments, which was announced in August, also has equipment for the other archer, Kate Bishop. Her Stark Tech outfit is in September’s Shipments, which are crates containing various cosmetics and can be purchased or earned through gameplay. Players are guaranteed to get this skin after 100 crates. This original design will also be in shipments until September 29th.

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Users can still log in to claim their free MCU skin as Crystal Dynamics is still celebrating the game’s second anniversary. Those who log in before October 1st can claim costumes at Iron Man 2, Thorand The Avengers as well as individual items. Amazon Prime Gaming members can too redeem Captain America’s New Vintage outfit through Amazon.

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