Hogwarts Legacy Trailer Details PlayStation-exclusive Quest and Gear

It has been known for some time Hogwarts Legacy was supposed to have exclusive content on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, but Sony has only just confirmed what it will be. Users on the two PlayStation systems will have access to a new part of Hogsmeade that provides a special cosmetics and shop.

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As noted on PlayStation Blog, this mission takes place in a dilapidated building that its owner, Cassandra Mason, is eager to sell. It seems that this place holds a dark secret, one that seems designed to scare players as they explore the lower levels of the structure. Completing the mission opens a special shop that lets players sell items at the best prices. A unique set of shopkeeper gear will also be unlocked, which will have players donning a button-up coat with a top hat, as shown in the image above.

The PS4 and PS5 versions also come with the Felix Francis potion recipe. This special blend reveals gear chests on the map for one day of the game. However, they are not free potions as this only unlocks the recipe and not just giving the player the full potion.

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Although this may be disappointing for those planning to play Hogwarts Legacy on other platforms, it doesn’t look like this quest will be locked to PlayStation consoles forever. The end of the trailer notes that it will remain exclusive until February 10, 2024, one year after launch. Console-exclusive content typically finds its way to other systems over time, so it’s likely that Xbox, PC, and Switch owners will find themselves rummaging through Mason’s haunted store sometime later.

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