The Top Gun Ultimate Fan Collection includes both films in 4K and more

Fans of Top Gun franchise is in for a treat as Paramount has announced an Ultimate Fan Collection featuring both films on 4K Ultra HD and Blu-ray.

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The upcoming superfan collection is set to be released on December 6, 2022. It will include 4K Ultra HD and Blu-ray discs of both Top Gun and Top Gun: Maverick along with nearly six hours of bonus content that explores the popularity of both the original Top Gun and this year’s massive sequel, Top Gun: Maverick.

The full list of bonus content for both films is as follows:


• Commentary by producer Jerry Bruckheimer, director Tony Scott, co-writer Jack Epps, Jr., and naval experts
• The inheritance from Top Gun
• In your six – thirty years of Top Gun
• Danger Zone: The Making of Top Gun
• Multi-Angle Storyboards with optional commentary by director Tony Scott
• Best of the Best: Inside Real Top Gun
• Music videos
• Original theatrical promotional material


• Ready for start
• Breaking New Ground – Recordings Top Gun: Maverick
• A love letter to aviation
• Forging the Darkstar
• Masterclass with Tom Cruise – Cannes Film Festival
• Music videos

In addition to the bonus content, the superfan collection also offers plenty of physical goodies. Included in the package is a set of dog tags, a leather “Maverick” key ring, magnetic decals, coasters and photos from both films.

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Top Gun: Maverick is directed by Joseph Kosinski, who previously worked with Cruise on Oblivion, from a screenplay written by Peter Craig, Justin Marks and Eric Warren Singer. Since its debut this year, the film has been a huge hit, grossing more than $1.4 billion — making it the fifth-highest-grossing film of all time at the domestic box office.

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