Nintendo Switch-exclusive Disney Illusion Island announced

Disney and D La La Studios have announced Disney Illusion Islanda brand new 2D platformer exclusive to Nintendo Switch.

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Revealed during Disney and Marvel Games’ Showcase at the ongoing D23 Expo, the game stars Disney icons Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck and Goofy. The trailer for the game teases the arrival of the four characters to an island that desperately needs their help.

Watch the trailer for Disney Illusion Island below:

With three different biomes, players will be tasked with visiting each new land and collecting pieces of the Book of Knowledge to help keep the island safe.

Players will apparently be able to control all four characters, each with their own special move sets, with Mickey able to bounce off walls, Minnie having a grappling hook, Donald excelling at swimming, and Goofy being able to throw some paint-like substance. out to float and jump around on.

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Currently, no information on the game’s release date outside of a 2023 release window has been discussed, but the game can now be claimed on the Nintendo eShop.

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