5 Takeaways from She-Hulk Episode 4: ‘Is This Not Real Magic?’

She-Hulk: Lawyer continues to roll with a strong fourth episode that delves into several key themes and delivers arguably the clearest characterization of Jennifer Walters yet. Plus, it offers plenty of laughs and more connections to the larger Marvel Cinematic Universe.

1. You can’t own magic…or can you?

As previously mentioned, one of the most compelling parts of the series comes in its consideration of how superhuman issues would be handled in American law. Wong seeks Jennifer’s help when Donny Blaze, a magician kicked out of his school of the occult for summoning three kegs, uses what he learned at cheap magic shows. This includes sending audience members like Madisynn, who becomes an important part of the episode, to other dimensions. He warns that anyone manipulating other dimensions threatens all life, so Jennifer tries to approach Blaze outside of court first. When she tells him to stop, he responds by emphasizing that you can’t own magic or copyright it. Ironically, he is right, as magic is not governed by the same laws as American society. This battle takes place in court, and the judge sides with Blaze because she doesn’t think the use of a spell is gross negligence.

But when Blaze continues to use magical portals for cheap pops at magic shows, he accidentally summons a horde of demons. It takes the combined power of She-Hulk and Wong to defeat this army, and only then does Blaze agree to stop using the mysterious art. As fun as it is to watch She-Hulk smash demons, the most fascinating aspect of the episode comes in this ongoing analysis of wonderful relationships in a legal context.

2. The joys of dating

For the duration of the episode, the secondary story focuses on the trials of online dating. Jennifer creates a profile using her own name and face, but she comes up empty except for an obnoxious date who brazenly texts during their conversation and checks out other women. However, Jennifer’s luck turns when she creates a profile as She-Hulk. Her phone blows up and she gets a string of matches, setting the scene for a speed-dating montage that highlights the struggle to find the right partner.

A potential candidate asks her about her powers and calls her a “specimen,” which is definitely a red flag in the dating world. Eventually she meets an attractive doctor and they hit it off. After Jennifer is forced to go away to fight some demons, she literally carries him to bed. However, there is no happy ending this time as the date goes off the following morning after he is clearly turned off by the sight of Jennifer in her human form. Here, the series continues to explore the conflict between Jennifer and her superhuman side, a theme that will likely continue to be explored in subsequent episodes.

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3. Besties With Wong

Wong is back for the second week in a row and he’s stepping into the spotlight this time. In addition to his role in the main story, his unexpected friendship with Madisynn provides the comic heart of the episode from the moment she lands in his home. Although she spoils The sopranos for him, they end up forming a twisted bond. Madisynn calls Wong her “bestie” and they continue to hang out in the mid-credits scene. The duo looks on This is us together and she asks him about his favorite drinks. He reveals that he has tried a few cocktails, but he has a particular taste for gin and tonics. Moments like these add layers to Wong’s character and will likely help make him even more of a fan-favorite character in the MCU going forward.

4. “Twitter Armor” for a week

Shortly after Wong’s return, Jennifer breaks the fourth wall and notes that viewers should be happy to see him back. She also says that it practically gives him to be in the episode She-Hulk: Lawyer “Twitter armor” for a week. This commentary is striking because of its accuracy as it relates to social media and the impact of special guest stars. First, the series has drawn plenty of flak; Megan Thee Stallion’s cameo and subsequent twerking scene has been the target of harsh negativity on Twitter. At times, this discourse has overshadowed the discussion surrounding the overall quality of the show. This one-off line from Jennifer indirectly pokes fun at the backlash and also acknowledges that at the end of the day, She-Hulk: Lawyer is part of the MCU, and many fans want to see it lean into that deep mythos. Having a beloved character like Wong really gives the show metaphorical armor because people are excited to see him.

5. Tatiana weaves big

Jennifer doesn’t have long to celebrate her triumph over the demons. Soon after, she is informed that Tatiana is pursuing legal action against her. She-Hulk’s first rival, who crashed her lawsuit in the debut episode, sues her as she apparently trademarked the hero’s name. The Courier notes that Tatiana has some legs to stand on because Jennifer has yet to legally claim her alias. This brief scene at the end of the episode sets up Tatiana’s return and serves as a smooth transition to next week’s installment, as it is clear that Jennifer must prepare for a legal and perhaps physical battle with Tatiana, who was acquitted of all charges .

In its fourth episode, She-Hulk: Lawyer continues to hit its stride, both in terms of its characterization and its storytelling. The earlier episodes largely leaned into Bruce Banner and Emil Blonsky, so the show felt like an extension of The Incredible Hulk. While this connection helped flesh out the film’s mythos, the series begins to come into its own in episode four, and it will be exciting to see where it goes from here.

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