The Gotham Knights Behind-the-Scenes trailer explores the reimagined Heroes

Gotham Knights still isn’t done getting trailers, but WB Games Montréal is going in a different direction with this latest one, diving into the game’s development. The studio’s behind-the-scenes video features interviews from various people creating the role-playing game and explores a wide variety of topics.

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These topics range from the comic book inspirations behind Red Hood, Nightwing, Batgirl and Robin to how WB Games Montréal has reinterpreted them to fit the story and create something new. The relationships between them and how they have all been narratively connected are also touched upon.

The studio has revealed some story details before, but this was a deeper look at the characters in that story. However, players will still have to wait until October 21 to see how it plays out. The game went gold in August and had its share the release date moved up a few dayswhich is incredibly rare.

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